Living Room Renovations

The changes to the living room occurred as a kind of chain reaction from the kitchen and bathroom stuff. You know, since I'm already doing this, I might as well...

This is what the living room looked like during the kitchen demolition.

Another shot of the living room with the kitchen in it.

Speaking of the living room....As long as I'm renovating the kitchen, might as well knock a hole in the wall between the living room and kitchen, right? Jan did this while I was out of town in September 2002.

Here's the hole from a different angle. Note that there's a piano in the kitchen now.

Here's the new couch. In the store it looked really colorful, but when I got it home it looked brown. [ November 2002 ]

Might as well paint the living room to make the couch look better! That's Jan putting color on the walls. Too bad the photo doesn't capture just how colorful it was before she put the last coat on to blend everything in.

After all that, and having the floors refinished, here's what it looked like during the hallway and piano work.

Blech! Piano innards everywhere! I decided to paint the piano to brighten up the living room. I started to unscrew the big pieces one night and just couldn't stop myself from taking the whole thing apart.

There she is, all primed and ready to go! [ February 2003 ]