Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen renovation commenced in early March 2002. Enda helped me a lot with the demolition, and Perry helped put in the cabinets. Turns out that tearing things down is a LOT of fun. And as an added bonus, no one was crushed by falling cabinets.

What a mess! We've ripped out all of the cabinets and pulled up some of the linoleum flooring. I scraped most of the texturing off of the ceiling -- that's where all the sheetrock dust came from. Guess what was under a layer of linoleum and plywood -- hardwood floors! Too much water damage to salvage it, though.

Here it is cleaned up a little.

Who's your favorite little home renovator?!?!?

Kitchen pipes, before the renovation.

Water-damaged floor where the previous owner had their washing machine. Jan cut that out and patched it.

This is what it looked like behind the cabinets. Can you believe it used to be that blue? Looks like there were just shelves before there were cabinets.

There's Perry, showing me how to install cabinets. In any home improvement project, it's a good idea to have a perfectionist assisting.

Look! All the cabinets are in place! And note the shiny new plywood subfloor. It's level now, too.

I put the cabinet doors on all by myself! And the electrician has installed new outlets and recessed lighting. Imagine having more than one outlet in the kitchen! I feel so modern.