Bathroom Renovations

The bathroom renovation commenced in early March 2002. Enda helped me with most of it. We had a lot of fun. Turns out that saying "Durock!" and making it sound like "You rock!" never gets old. There are also a lot of really funny things you can say with "mud" and "mudder". At least, Enda and I thought so. It could have had something to do with all the chemicals we were inhaling, now that I think about it.

Click on the images below to see larger versions of the images.

The bathroom before we started tearing it up. Note the lovely wallpaper.

See the beautiful plastic tub-surround and the neat seamwork performed by the previous owner.

Yuck! At some point it's easier to demolish it than to clean it.

This is what the ceiling in both the kitchen and bathroom looked like before I started.

Here's what it looked like with all the fixtures (including the tub) removed, and most of the walls. There are still eleven layers of flooring to be removed.

Who's your favorite little home improver?!?!?

This is what it looked like after the ceiling collapsed. Oops -- I guess the walls were all that was holding it up.

More naked walls, before we put in the new, mildew-resistent wallboard and dura rock.

Look! The flooring has been removed, and the new Whirlpool tub is in! All new electrical wiring and plumbing have been installed (by professionals, of course). And check out the beautiful new ceiling we hung! With screws this time, not nails. Maybe this one will stay up.

That nasty window and the rotting wood that went with it are gone, gone, gone! New insulation and roofing felt are in place.

And there's Enda, showing off our Durock ("No, Du Rock!") handiwork.

Now we've got the cement board laid on the floor, too!

Floor tiles have been cut...and the new window is in place...

Tiling around the tub has commenced. This is about the time when Enda and I almost killed each other. Wall-tiling is tedious work!

Sheetrock is all in place and mudded, tiling is finished, new sink cabinet is's starting to look like a bathroom!

Ahhhhh....Whirlpool bath...

Yes! We have a toilet! (May 2002). Time to move back home.

Look at the fabulous shelves Jan built behind the door! Talk about economy of space, eh?

Check out the fish mural Jan painted. Ignore the light "fixture" and bathroom mirror!

More fish mural over the door. And there's the new ultra quiet bathroom vent, that has its very own switch (so it doesn't come on every time you use the light). Fancy, eh?

The mural is even on the ceiling!